Así en la Tierra

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 - G

México, 23m, Digital


After losing his harvest when a meteorite crashes on his farm, Salvador Huerta conspires with the local priest to profit from the townspeople's faith by pretending that the space rock has holy powers.


Writer/Director: Joel Vázquez Cárdenas
Producer: Betsy Larios
Associate Producer: Jorge Alfaro
Director of Photography: Jorge Luis Linares Martínez
Editor: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann, Joel Vázquez Cárdenas
Composer: Zeke Khaseli, Yudhi Arfani
Cast: Estanislao Marín, Hugo Albores, Yolanda Abbud, and Martín Breck.


Contact: Joel Vázquez Cárdenas,



About the Writer/Director

Nicole Allan

Joel Vázquez Cárdenas was born in Colima, México where his father exposed him to classic sci-fi movies from an early age, which is still his favorite genre. At age 18, he moved to LA where he began his film education, graduating summa cum laude from UCLA’s film program in 2012. In 2018 he obtained his MFA in film from Columbia University.



Saturday, May 18, 7 pm
Walter Reade Theater



Program G Encore: Monday, May 20, 2 pm, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public