The Bee

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USA, 11m, Alexa


McKenzie is preparing for an important spelling bee. Just days before the bee, she grows increasingly insecure about her eyebrows. When her mother won't allow her to get them threaded, McKenzie takes matters into her own hands.


Director: Keenon Nikita

Writer/Producer: Alexandria Ashley


Director of Photography: Jordan Danelz

Editor: Gretchen Schroeder

Cast: Kharmyn Aanesah, Chontel Willis, Hannah Glenn, Madison Courage Fleck, Daniele Barnett, Jae Henderson, Doris Daniels


Contact: Alexandria Ashley,



About the Writer/Producer

Alexandria Denton

Memphis-born Alexandria Ashley is a writer and producer, based in Los Angeles. To date, she has written and produced six films. She recently interned for the Netflix series Spike Lee’s She Gotta Have It and Safehouse Pictures. Alexandria holds a BS degree from St. John’s University, where she majored in law. She is currently pursuing her MFA degree in production from Columbia University School of the Arts.