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Peru/USA, 16m, RED       


Maruja, an Andean woman with mystical powers, works at a household where a little girl never seems to stop acting out her rage. Being able to see the images that haunt the little girl's mind, Maruja decides to try to heal her with the help of a special brew.      


Director: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Writer: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Producer: Enid "Pinky" Campos

Executive Producer: Thais Drassinower    


Director of Photography: Julian Amaru Estrada

Editor: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Production Design: Blanca Martinez

Composer: Alex Symcox

Sound Design: Amador Del Solar

Cast: Magaly Solier, Danaya Sladkov, Katerina D’Onofrio   


Contact: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann,         





About the Writer/Director

Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann holds an Audiovisual Communication degree from the Universidad de Lima. His first film won the Best Short Film award in 2011 from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. Summer Haze, a film he directed during his MFA in Film at Columbia University, was selected for many festivals worldwide. Besides writing and directing, he is also a production designer, having fulfilled that role in award-winning short films and features.