Greenhouse (光合作用)

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China, 25m, Digital


Eager to inherit the house his grandfather left behind, Xiaojun has to face relatives he hasn’t seen since his father’s death, many years earlier.


Writer/Director: Xixi Wang
Co-Writer: Difu Nan, Changhan Zheng
Producer: Haichao Fang
Director of Photography: Zilong Liu
Editor: Yufeng Ma, Yanlei Zhao
Composer: Yunhao Xia
Key Cast: Mingyu Ma, Xuanxuan Wu, Miaomiao, Li Chen, Juejing Wu


Contact: Xixi Wang,​



About the Writer/Director

Xixi Wang

Xixi Wang is a Chinese screenwriter/director. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a BA in Screenwriting in 2014, and received an MFA in Directing from Columbia University in 2019. Her films have screened at major Chinese film festivals, and many major international festivals, such as the Montreal World Film Festival. Wang is currently developing her first feature film.

About the Producer

Haichao Fang

Haichao Fang is a Chinese-born filmmaker. She has produced several shorts in Asia and the U.S. and is currently developing her first feature. Fang obtained a BA in Psychology from DePauw University in 2015, and received an MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia University School of the Arts in 2019.



Saturday, May 18, 3 pm
Walter Reade Theater



Program E Encore: Sunday, May 19, 2 pm, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public