Happy Mask

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USA, 11m, Sony F55


A man suffering from depression is given a mysterious happy mask that allows him to keep up a cheerful appearance. However, is the smile genuine?


Director: Yi Liu       

Writer: Yi Liu, Sarah Abdulla

Producer: Luca Marcovici    


Director of Photography: Minjae Chang

Editor: Yi Liu

Production Design: Claire Wiener  

Cast: Greg Hermann, Ana Ribeiro, Julie Ann Earls, Nick Abeel, Mark Castillo       


Contact: Luca Marcovici, lm3155@columbia.edu                                    



About the Writer/Director

Yi Liu

Yi Liu is a Taiwanese American screenwriter/director. He graduated from National Taiwan University with a degree in Theatre and worked as an actor and lighting designer. After attending Columbia University, Yi Liu embraced his new role as a filmmaker and directed many short films such as Snap and Ping Pong Coach, which won the Student Visionary Award at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.


About the Co-writer

Sarah Abdulla

Sarah Abdulla is a Kuwaiti-Colombian Screenwriting student from Miami, Florida. She graduated from the University of Miami with a BS
in Film and minors in English and Theatre. Sarah has spent her rst three years at Columbia writing animated scripts and looking for love in all the wrong places.


About the Producer

Luca Marcovici

Luca Marcovici is a Canadian/Chinese producer. Having grown up
in Switzerland and Italy, Luca went on to study law in England before attending Columbia. Happy Mask is his thesis, one which necessitated managing a tight crew and tighter budget to tell a nuanced story broaching the dif cult concept of depression.