Jennie Lee and the Whirlwind

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USA, 18m, F55


Jennie Lee and the Whirlwind follows Jennie Lee and her band mates, Wes and Bryan, as they travel across Texas, to Austin, for their final show. As she finds herself on the road for the last time in the foreseeable future, Jennie Lee gets lost in the nostalgia of a lifestyle and sense of freedom that will soon be a part of her past. It's a film about the realization of change and loss, capturing the experience of what it means to leave something behind, and look ahead at the daunting unknown.       


Writer/Director: Joshua R. Troxler

Writer/Producer: Annamarie Fernandez                 


Director of Photography: Dillon White

Editor: Rebecca Pope

Production Design: Rachel Wilson

Composer: Joshua R. Troxler

Sound Design: Fabio Andrade

Cast: Nika Ezell Pappas, Andreas Robichaux, Chris Harold, Luna Ray Gruschkus Johnson  


Contact: Annamarie Fernandez,           



About the Writer/Director

Joshua R. Troxler

Joshua R. Troxler is a New York-based artist with roots in North Carolina. After spending his teenage years overseas in Asia, he developed an interest in art and cinema, and went on to study Video Installation at Lycoming College before coming to Columbia to study Screenwriting. He is currently assisting director Kirsten Johnson on her next project, and working on his own first narrative feature alongside several documentary films.


About the Writer/Producer

Annamarie Fernandez

Annamarie Fernandez is a New York-based writer, producer, and aspiring morning person. Born and raised in Texas, she graduated from Columbia University’s MFA Creative Producing program in the spring of 2017 and currently works at Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions. As a writer and producer she is inspired by the women in her family, and seeks to tell personal, character-driven stories.