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Iceland, 14m, Alexa


A young couple's world is thrown upside down during a head-on collision on a remote road in Iceland.


Writer/Director: Erlendur Sveinsson  

Co-writer: Connor Simpson  

Producer: Daniel Raiffe       

Co-Producer: Helga Jóakimsdóttir


Director of Photography: Karl Óskarsson, ÍKS

Editor: Brúsi Ólason

Production Design: Freyja Vals Sesseljudóttir

Composer: Einar Sv. Tryggvason

Sound Design: Caleb Townsend

Cast: Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Snorri Engilbertsson, Hjörtur Jóhann Jónsson


Contact: Daniel Raiffe, draiffe@gmail.com





About the Writer/Director

Erlendur Sveinsson

Erlendur Sveinsson is an Icelandic writer/director with a keen eye for capturing the emotional heart of characters. His films have screened worldwide, including most recently at OFF in 2017. Additionally, he is a Berlinale Talent campus alum as well as a Fulbright Scholar. He is currently in New York City pursuing an MFA at Columbia University.


About the Co-writer

Connor Simpson

Connor Simpson is a writer and director currently pursuing his MFA at Columbia University's film program. His films have screened at festivals around the world—most recently the Stockholm International Film Festival—and have been acquired for distribution on PBS and other online platforms. At last year's CUFF, he was awarded the Milos Forman Directing Fellowship, which he is using to help produce his next film: an adaptation of a feature script set in his hometown in rural Alabama.


About the Producer

Daniel Raiffe

Daniel Raiffe is a producer with nearly a decade worth of experience in film and television, focusing on work that dives to the heart of characters in both documentary and narrative alike. Raiffe co-produced the critically acclaimed documentary Sexy Baby, which premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival before being broadcast on Showtime. More recently, Raiffe associate produced the highly publicized Hot Girls Wanted, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film festival and currently streams exclusively on Netflix.