Moonwalk With Me

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USA, 12m, Alexa Mini


A story from the heart about a Korean American girl named Juno who struggles to keep her drifting father grounded.


Writer/Director: So Young Shelly Yo

Producers: Jamil Munoz, Daniel Leighton, Kate Zhu


Director of Photography: Frances Chen

Production Design: Natalie Falt

Composer: Alexander Arntzen

Sound Design: Julian Evans

Cast: Carrie Kim, James Kang, Crystal Lee, Eliza Rain


Contact: So Young Shelly Yo,





About the Writer/Director

So Young Shelly Yo

So Young Shelly Yo is a Korean-American filmmaker born in Seoul, Korea and raised in suburbs of Southern California. Growing up, she spent most of her youth in theaters and bookshops, which naturally drew her to filmmaking. Before entering Columbia University, Shelly worked in the commercial film industry as an editor.


About the Producer

Jamil Munoz

Jamil Munoz holds a BFA in Film from Syracuse University‚Äôs College of Visual and Performing Arts, where he received the Carol M. Schmuckler Award for Achievement in Filmmaking. He is currently a freelance editor and an MFA candidate in directing at Columbia University.