Nice Talking To You

USA, 20m, Sony F55


Two strangers form a silent bond in the world’s loudest city.


Director: Saim Sadiq

Writers: Saim Sadiq, Joseph Capotorto

Producer: Joseph Capotorto

Co-Producer: Federica Belletti


Director of Photography: Federico Spiazzi

Editor: Saim Sadiq

Production Design: Markus Wulf

Cast: Bane Fakih, Colin Bates


Contact: Joseph Capotorto,



About the Writer/Director

Saim Sadiq

Currently pursuing his MFA at Columbia University, Saim Sadiq is a filmmaker from Pakistan whose documentary work on religious minorities and children in Pakistan was broadcasted on several national networks and showcased by the BBC Free Speech Stories alongside assisting in awareness and fundraising drives in the country. His first short film, Pasban, has screened at numerous festivals across the globe.


About the Producer

Joseph Capotorto

Joseph Capotorto is a writer-producer with a strong passion for edgy and thought-provoking storytelling. Joseph has worked throughout the entertainment industry, from production companies to theatre groups to film festivals. He has an MFA in creative producing from Columbia University School of the Arts and a BA in Film and Theatre from Vassar College, where he graduated cum laude.