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Japan, 18m, Digital


A young Tokyo woman moves into a traditional Japanese home for a fresh start only to be thwarted by a pesky ghost stealing her ancestors' food.


Director: Tsubasa Matsumoto
Writer/Producer: Aya Stoltenberg
Co-Writer: Henry Evans
Director of Photography: Jens Victor
Editor: Alex Liu
Composer: Joe Sanders
Cast: Atsuko Kikuchi, Tsuyoshi Takashiro


Contact: Aya Stoltenberg,



About the Writer/Producer

Aya Stoltenberg

Aya Stoltenberg was born and raised in Los Angeles and fell in love with film and television at a very young age. She is particularly interested in merging Western and Eastern styles together. Aya has worked on shows such as HBO's Silicon Valley and is based in Los Angeles, but considers London, Tokyo, and New York City her homes away from home.

About the Co-writer

Henry Evans

Henry Evans is a British writer born on a farm in southwest London and graduated with an MFA in Screenwriting. He won the Lisa Rubin Best Drama Teleplay award at CUFF 2018. Henry is currently living in Los Angeles and working as a writing assistant to Lucy Alibar (Beasts of the Southern Wild).



Saturday, May 18, 1 pm
Walter Reade Theater



Program D Encore: Sunday, May 19, 12 pm, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public