One Sunny Day

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USA, 14m, Alexa Classic


On Ross’ 14th birthday, he wishes for his lifelong dream of watching the sunrise on a beach. But this is a lofty aspiration for Ross, who suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum—a rare genetic disorder that makes his skin intolerable to ultraviolet light.


Writer/Director: Minjae Chang

Writer/Producer: Elliot Zarrabi

Co-Producer: Taylor Ortega


Director of Photography: Jackson Eagan

Editor: Minjae Chang

Production Design: Yu-Ting Lin

Sound Design: Jamil Munoz

Cast: Johnny Marx, Carmen Salta, John Haggerty


Contact: Elliot Zarrabi,





About the Writer/Director

Minjae Chang

A native of Seoul, South Korea, Minjae holds a BA from the Hanyang University Film department, where he directed several short films. His thesis, Birthday Boy, played at numerous Korean Film festivals. As a cinematographer, his films have played at festivals around the world. He is currently pursuing an MFA in directing at Columbia University.


About the Writer/Producer

Elliot Zarrabi

Elliot Zarrabi is a creative producer and screenwriter focusing in development. As a graduate student in Columbia University’s Film Program, Elliot produced and wrote several short films, including his thesis, One Sunny Day. He also has written two feature-length scripts and a polished TV pilot. Elliot is currently interning for Pretty Matches Productions and Writer/Director Amy Talkington, and is expecting to graduate from Columbia in May 2018.