Rust in Peace

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USA, 18m, Alexa


An abandoned robot awakens alone in a junkyard. He travels home, to his creator's ranch, to see if the love he feels is returned.


Writer/Director: Will Welles

Producers: Ilan Amouyal, David Zerat


Director of Photography: Arseni Khachaturan

Editor: Chris Rand

Cast: Douglas Tait, Rhys Coiro


Contact: Will Welles,



About the Writer/Director

Will Welles

Will Welles is a Brooklyn-based Filmmaker. He is currently in development on Rustlands, a feature adaptation of his short film Rust in Peace. He lives with his wife (human), and two children (cats).


About the Producer

Ilan Amouyal

Ilan Amouyal is a producer based in Paris and New York. He holds degrees from Brandeis and Harvard, attended l’Atelier at La Fémis and graduated from Columbia University winning the EP award for best producer in 2017. His projects have aired on HBO, played at the Cannes Film Festival (Directors Fortnight), IFF Rotterdam, and MoMA’s New Directors-New Films. In 2017, he produced Rust in Peace and La dernière Nuit starring Mélanie Thierry.