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Philippines, 16m, Alexa


After her brother is killed in a drug bust operation, a guilt-stricken Luna begins to see his spirit and struggles to make meaning of his appearances to help him find peace.


Director: Bianca Catbagan

Writer: Chantel Clark

Producers: Jabari McDonald

Co-Producer: Jose Antonio de Rivera


Director of Photography: Aaron Cabangis

Production Design: Steff Dereja

Composer: Denise Santos

Sound Design: Jonathan Hee

Cast: Andi Eigenmann, Khalil Ramos





Emerging Filmmakers Production Grant





About the Director

Bianca Catbagan

Bianca Catbagan is a Filipino writer/director currently based in New York. Her film, Paraluman, was nominated for a Golden Egg at the Reykjavík International Film Festival 2016. Most recently, her film, Supermodel, won a grant from the Cinematografo International Film Festival and screened to a sold-out audience in San Francisco.


About the Writer

Chantel Clarke

Chantel Clark is a South African writer/director based in New York City. In her home country she was selected as one of only six filmmakers in the University of Cape Town’s Directing Program. Her thesis film, Our Albertinia, won an award from the Katharina Otto-Bernstein Thesis Film Fund in 2017 and was selected for the 2018 ASCAP/Columbia scoring workshop. Chantel is currently a development intern at Big Beach in New York.


About the Producer

Jabari McDonald

Jabari McDonald is a producer-writer from Southern California with a degree in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine. He won the Emerging Filmmakers Award for his thesis film Saturno in 2017. He has a passion for telling stories, specifically the stories of people not traditionally represented on screen.