Save Your Breath (Sauve Qui Peut La Mort)

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 - C

France, 19m, Digital


When an imminent death unexpectedly comes to interfere in the life of a family, everybody is too wrapped up in their own problems to notice her, except for little Martin.


Writer/Director: Noé Dodson
Producer: Tanja Todorova, Paul Carpenter
Director of Photography: Chloé Terren
Editor: Noé Dodson
Cast: Günter Duret, Xavier de Guillebon, Sidonie Laurens, Aurore Sicard, Julien Casuffira, Laurent Caron, Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Nicolas Struve, Delphine Bronzi, Anouchka Csernakova, Noémie Schmidt


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About the Writer/Director

Noe Dodson

Noé Dodson splits his time between Belgium and the US. He was introduced to cinema during his time as a photographer, and later joined Columbia University as a Directing concentrate.

About the Producer

Paul Carpenter

Paul Carpenter split his time between Minnesota and Paris growing up. After graduating from Carlton in Computer Science and Cinema, he joined Columbia University as a Directing concentrate. In life and in film, Paul Carpenter explores the spaces in-between in the realms of culture, place, genre, and language.



Friday, May 17, 9:30 pm
Walter Reade Theater



Program C Encore: Saturday, May 18, 4 pm, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public