Start Breaking My Heart

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USA, 17m, Alexa


After her best friend receives a fatal diagnosis, Robin helps him skip his father's funeral and crash his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Only then does she discover how cancerous he truly is.


Writer/Director: Ijaaz Noohu

Co-writer: Grant Harvey

Producer: Farand Pawlak

Co-Producer: Lauren Marie López De Victoria


Director of Photography: Ian Lipton

Editor: Shelby Hall

Production Design: Sam Neidenbach

Composer: Jorn Swart

Cast: Roshni Shukla, Tom Assam-Miller, Madeleine Barker, Ali Axelrad


Contact: Ijaaz Noohu,



Katharina Otto-Bernstein Thesis Film Fund





About the Writer/Director

Ijaaz Noohu

Ijaaz Noohu immigrated at three years old from Sri Lanka to Los Angeles. He studied Economics and English at Chapman University, during which time he worked on productions such as AnomalisaMad Men, and The Colbert Report. He is currently working on the feature version of Start Breaking My Heart.


About the Producer

Farand Pawlak

Farand Pawlak started his career in finance, during which time, he studied comedy writing at the famed Second City in Chicago and screenwriting at Northwestern University. In 2014, he decided to combine his business experience and passion for great stories and pursue an MFA in Creative Producing at Columbia University. To date, his producing credits include various short films and on-set production experience with both domestic and international films.