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USA, 10m, Sony F5


Supermodel is a portrait of a second-generation Filipino family living in America and a moment in their life when they begin to disconnect.


Writer/Director: Bianca Catbagan

Writer/Producer: Gracie Vergara

Co-Producer: Lauren López De Victoria


Director of Photography: Kristin Kouke

Production Design: Rachel James

Composer: BP Valenzuela

Sound Design: JP del Mundo

Cast: Katarina La Poll, Amanda Tugangui, Myla La Poll, Joyce Keokham


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About the Writer/Director

Bianca Catbagan

Bianca Catbagan is a Filipino writer/director currently based in New York. Her film, Paraluman, was nominated for a Golden Egg at the Reykjavík International Film Festival 2016. Most recently, her film, Supermodel, won a grant from the Cinematografo International Film Festival and screened to a sold-out audience in San Francisco.