Talent Night at Auschwitz: Bunk Five

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USA, 16m, Sony F55


After he survives a shocking trauma, a 14-year-old boy retreats to his flamboyant imagination, a dark and glittering dreamworld. His fortress becomes a prison as memories refuse to stay buried in the sand.  


Writer/Director: Max Rifkind-Barron

Producer: Alex Peace


Director of Photography: Arseni Khachaturan

Editor: Tricia Holmes

Production Design: Rosa Callejas

Composer: Teddy Poll

Cast: Max Bartos, David Winning, Lisa Haas


Contact: Max Rifkind-Barron, m669max@gmail.com





About the Writer/Director

Max Rifkind-Barron

Max Rifkind-Barron is an NYC-based filmmaker. He wrote and produced the short film, Pipe Dream, which screened at over 20 film festivals, including Frameline and Outfest. Pipe Dream was acquired by Warner Brothers Television and is currently in development as a webseries. He produced Madeleine Olnek’s Wild Nights with Emily, a feature-length comedy starring Molly Shannon as the poet Emily Dickinson, which premiered in March at SXSW.



About the Producer

Alex Peace

Alex Peace is a filmmaker originally from Manchester, England. She is a graduate of the Columbia MFA Directing program. She has worked as a Producer and Production Manager on features, commercials and other platforms. Most recently, she line produced Madeleine Olnek's Wild Nights with Emily, starring Molly Shannon, Amy Seimetz, and Brett Gelman, which premiered at the 2018 SXSW festival.