About the Writer/Director

Paul Carpenter

Paul Carpenter split his time between Minnesota and Paris growing up. After graduating from Carlton in Computer Science and Cinema, he joined Columbia University as a Directing concentrate. In life and in film, Paul Carpenter explores the spaces in-between in the realms of culture, place, genre, and language.

About the Producer

Noe Dodson

Noé Dodson splits his time between Belgium and the US. He was introduced to cinema during his time as a photographer, and later joined Columbia University as a Directing concentrate.

About the Producer

Elie Aufseesser

Elie Aufseesser is a Swiss filmmaker living in New York where he graduated from the Film Program at Columbia University School of the Arts. While working on his own feature documentary and fiction projects, as well as producing short films for others, he is currently an associate producer at Opendox Productions.



Saturday, May 18, 5 pm
Walter Reade Theater



Program F Encore: Monday, May 20, 12 pm, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public