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USA, 14m, Alexa Mini


A disabled Army combat vet struggles to raise her three boys while dealing with substance abuse and the loss of her leg.


Writer/Director: Gene Pina

Producers: Caroline Parker Boyd, Meg Gordon


Director of Photography: Jordan T. Parrott

Sound Design: Alexandre Beullier

Cast: Erinn Ruth, Oliver Josephson, Aimee Fortier, Karen Lynn Gorney, Landon Diogo , Kaden Barry, Danielle Marro, Joff Smith, Steve LaMarche, Deborah Butts, Elaine Webb


Contact: Caroline Parker Boyd, carolineparkerboyd@gmail.com





About the Producer

Caroline Parker Boyd

Caroline Parker Boyd is a recent graduate of the Creative Producing program at Columbia University. She graduated with a BFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and spent a semester abroad at London College of Communication. Caroline has produced several projects that have screened all across the country, and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.