The Wind Flower (风花)

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China/USA, 22m, 16mm


Two people imprisoned in adjacent Tang Dynasty rooms struggle to break free. As they escape, a truth is revealed about their identity.


Writer/Director: Yuxi Li

Co-writer: Minami Goto

Producers: Luca Marcovici, Cilin Deng, Haichao Fang, Sipei Fang, Junyan Liu


Director of Photography: Felipe Vara de Rey

Editor: Johnson Cheng

Production Design: Yu-Ting Lin

Cast: Nicky Zou, Yifan Luo


Contact: Yuxi Li,





About the Writer/Director

Yuxi Li

Yuxi Li is a graduate of the Directing program at Columbia University. She is an award-winning filmmaker from Xi’an, China. Her previous film, Tear of the Peony, premiered at 2016 Telluride Film Festival, ranked in Best of Fest at the 2017 Outfest, and was selected by many festivals across the world.



About the Co-writer

Minami Goto

Minami Goto is a Japanese filmmaker with aspirations to work on movies around the world currently pursuing a MFA degree at Columbia University in New York. Her most recent directed work, Breakers, has its premiere at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018.


About the Producer

Luca Marcovici

Luca Marcovici is a Columbia Producing student with a background studying law in the UK before moving to New York. The Wind Flower represents his final Columbia production. It is the most ambitious project he has worked on: blending genres, building a set, and shot on film.