Past Events

May 12, 2018


Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center
165 W 65th Street
New York, NY 10023


The Bee

McKenzie is preparing for an important spelling bee. Just days before the bee, she grows increasingly insecure about her eyebrows. When her mother won't allow her to get them threaded, McKenzie takes matters into her own hands.


Knights in Newark

Armed with her vivid imagination, a young girl completes a secret project on the roof of her apartment building to protect her family from a dreaded curse brought upon by the Knights in Newark.


One Sunny Day

On Ross’ 14th birthday, he wishes for his lifelong dream of watching the sunrise on a beach. But this is a lofty aspiration for Ross, who suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum—a rare genetic disorder that makes his skin intolerable to ultraviolet light.


Everything's Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major

A musical comedy about a woman at the onset of her quarter-life crisis and her existential journey through the various stages of anxiety in song and dance.          


Tail End of the Year (年尾巴)

On Chinese New Year Eve, ten-year-old Yang Lan is anxiously waiting for her singer mother to come home. While her big family is celebrating loudly with Mahjong, fireworks, dinner, and laughs, she struggles to reconcile her urge to feel, at least for a brief moment, loved.





Program C Encore: Sunday, May 13, 12:00 PM, Lenfest Center for the Arts; Free and open to the public